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A User Manual for Life on Earth (Alien User Manual)

A User Manual for Life on Earth

for aliens and other visitors

By David Lipschitz


Preface (in the User Manual)

David's user manual is about the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and how to take advantage of it, especially its automation, so that we can all achieve enlightenment. It's the result of over 21 years of detailed research and development and writing and speaking. And multiple lifetimes. We’ll discover how David knows this.

David's concern is what happens to us if everything is automated? What happens if 10 people own everything? Do we become slaves? Are we wage-slaves already? Is there perhaps a period of time where we can become free? How do we find this? How do we remove poverty forever? How do we take advantage of the abundance on our planet, so that everyone can enjoy it? How do we remove the mundane (repetitive slavery) stuff from our lives? How can we find a way to scaffold ourselves so that we don’t need motivational stuff to keep us going?

When David tells people about his new world, the world he has built in his mind over the past 21 years, people ask him what they are going to do in it. Suppose you’re a student. You have a goal to complete your degree. Then you have a goal to get a job. Then you have a goal to get a promotion and maybe to get married and have a family and do stuff. And eventually you want to have enough money to be able to retire. But what if I said to you, “let’s assume you have all this, what do you want?” And then you don’t know the answer to this question. And the HR and Personnel People and Psychologists ask David “but if you have everything then you won’t have motivation and you won’t have ambition. The world doesn’t work like this.” Their world doesn’t work like this. But our original world works differently. Let’s find it.

David's user manual shows you how you can find out who you are, why you're here, and the signposts on your path.

And it explains how you can forecast the future and remove all the mundane stuff in your life.

And importantly the user manual should be about how to increase our health and wellbeing. And how to reduce our cost of living, so that there is no cost of living, for ourselves, or for our planet, earth. And for our mother, earth.

Climate change is really about our internal (mind) climate that needs to change. Nature will find a way to teach us, especially at a time when we are cutting, raping, plundering nature, like we have already cut, raped and plundered each other.

Every human on earth is born with a lien (born a slave). Redemption allows that human to become an a-lien. These teachings are in our most ancient user manuals. David uses these ancient manuals and brings them up to date so that we can all become aliens and meet our galactic neighbours who are waiting for us to travel to them telepathically, but we have to be free first. In order to meet "the aliens", we need to become aliens ourselves.

David looks forward to joining and enjoining you on this journey. A journey of a life time.

Read more: User Manual In Depth Introduction.

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